Recap – Week 3

76ers Gaming Club (GC) split its two games on Saturday as the team defeated Wizards District Gaming, 60-59, in its first game before falling to Raptors Uprising GC, 72-68, at the NBA 2K League Studio Powered by Intel in New York City. 76ersGC is now 3-1 on the regular season, which is tied for the third-best record in the 17-team league.


In both games, 76ers GC outscored its opponent in the second half. Against Wizards District Gaming, 76ers GC trailed 32-25 at half before outscoring Wizards DG, 35-27, including a 19-6 third quarter.


In game two, 76ers GC outscored, Raptors Uprising GC, 38-32, in the second half but could not overcome a 10-point deficit at half.


76ers GC center Alexander “Steez” Bernstein scored a game-high 33 points in game two against Raptors Uprising GC, which is also the most a 76ers GC player has scored in the regular season. Steez added seven rebounds and two assists as he shot 15-of-16 from the field.


Steez was often fed by 76ers GC point guard Ethan “Radiant” White who had 15 points, 16 assists and zero turnovers in game two.


Radiant has posted three point-assist double-doubles this season and tallied 21 points and nine assists in game one’s victory against Wizards District Gaming. Through the first four games of the season, Radiant has totaled 48 assists and just six turnovers for an assist-to-turnover ratio of 8.00.


76ers GC power forward Mihad “I F E A S T” Feratovic recorded 28 points between the two games, shooting a team-best 75 percent from the field.


NEXT UP: 76ers GC will take on Kings Guard Gaming this Saturday at 5 p.m. live on Twitch. Kings Guard Gaming enters Saturday with a 2-1 record.






On splitting the two games…


Our goal was to win both games. We have been ranked No. 1 in all power rankings, and we knew if we did what we have been we could achieve that goal. This weekend, we struggled in both games, and we pulled out a big win against Wizards DG that could have gone either way. The loss to the Raptors is humbling, it shows us that anyone in this league can beat you.


On Steez’s play…


Steez is a great player. He understands the game and really does whatever is asked of him. He had a big night scoring and his defensive mindset is something that is rare. We are very fortunate to have a guy like him on our roster with the mentality and maturity that he brings to our team.


On I F E A S T’s performance…


I F E A S T is a guy that has been doing all of the unnoticeable things for our team to be successful. Screens, boxing out, communicating. He can also score with the best of them. He is a humble kid that doesn’t care about anything other than winning.


On if he thinks the team is a “second-half team”…


I do not look at us as a second-half team. We have really put teams away early. This past weekend we made second-half runs. But this is the first time we have struggled shooting and making the right plays. To our standards we played very poorly and had a chance to win both games at the end of the game. That’s all you can ask for when you’re not playing great. We got out of the weekend with one win, one loss. It’s not ideal but it’s most certainly been a learning experience and humbling.





On what was working well for him shooting…


We have one of the best, if not the best, shooting team in the league, so given all that space I was able to pick-and-roll pop with Radiant freely and pick my spots. We also run a lot of plays, which helps get me open time to time.


On if he thinks the team is a “second-half team”…


I consider our team to be a team who is never out of the fight. We have had plenty of games where we dominate the first half but slowly decompress in the second half. It just so happened that it was the other way around against Washington and for some parts against Raptors Uprising. We will close the holes and keep the same pace for all four quarters.





On the difference between game one and game two…

In game one, we found a rhythm within the game and as a unit to work as one to make a comeback and win. Game two, we struggled to find our identity and we made our push too late.


On his 33-point performance…


I contribute my 33 points to our team having such great shooters that they were more worried about my teammates than they were with me. Also, we saw a disadvantage at the center position, so we knew we could score easily in the paint.